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Photoelectric Sensors Optex FA Application

27/08/2015 - 02:32

Liquid detection in transparent bottle

Cutoff line on film package

Instillation bag detection

Torn label, label missing

Tablet counting

Glass-bottle detection at high temperature

Drug detection in dropper

Detecting direction of packaged sweet

Detecting transparent glass bottle through hole

Presence check on form-fill-sealing machine

Edge guiding transparent film

detecting piled up ice cream cups

Detect cushioning in tablet glass bottle

Detect defect seal on instillation bag

Detect metal foreign objects

Detect plastic bags which are stuck together

Detect register mark on package film

Detect glass bottle in a hostile environment

Detect the end of transparent film

Detect fallen can on conveyer

Detect upside-down cap

Detect the edge of package (three sides sealing)

Semiconductor・ FPD・ PV industry

Detect glass wafer notch

Wafers count

Detect glass wafers

FOUP landing spot

Wafer mapping2

Detect wafers in vacuum chamber

Detect two sides of glass

Detect upper edge position of glass, silicon wafers

Detect passing FOUP

Detecting wafers in corrosive environment

Align glass substrate

Wafers mapping3

Detect landing of glass substrate in vacuum chamber

Count silicon wafers

Detect glass alignment

Detect lead frame

Detect glass wafer notch

wafer mapping1

Detect liquid surface in transparent pipe

Detect carrier trays in chamber

Detect overlapping film

Electricity, electric component industry

Detect PC board

Detect landing of resistance (discrete) before solder

Detect connector pins

Detect warpage of chips

Detect PC board presence

Detect parts in parts feeder

Detect parts position

Attach to robot arm

Detect passing small chips

Delivery of Braun tube

Detect IC

Detect the presence of lead wire

Detect passing chips in high temperature environment

Automobile, machine industry

Sorting by size

Detect the presence of parts in index table

Counting passing screw

Detect foreign objects

Detection in small narrow place

Detect passing glass for automobile

Detect body on the process of coating

Detect the edge of paper

Detect the presence of door clip

Detect the presence of washer

Detect gold wire

Detect mark on ingot

Logistics, delivery industry

Detect items on roller conveyer

Detect dropping items from conveyer

Detect if preform is left in make-up machine

Detect rack position

Detect car position at multilevel car parking

Detect stuck PET bottle

Detect passing cartons

Detect open flap